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inc: The Podcast

       Bethany and Jonas are two pencil-pushing aliens living and working on a company ship that incorporates whole planets by the dozen, tasked with organizing all of the data that is recovered from said planets.


       They get through the endless days by occasionally adding meaningful stories that they discover to the Extraneous But Interesting folder, all the while navigating the complex web that is friendship and life in this corpo-futuristic nightmare.  


       A science fiction podcast where Douglas Adams meets The Office. Where Severance and Mad Men meet Robert Heinlein.  


Happiness is productivity.  Productivity is happiness.

For more information and links to places you can listen to inc: The Podcast, you are more than welcome to pay us a visit at

        Voices From The Umbra is a podcast dedicated to the work of Grandfather Spaulding, Claudia Spaulding, and the Think Tank branch of the Voices From The Umbra Organization. 

        Somewhere in a mirror dimension, another Earth, The Other-Earth, is dying. Humanity has been corrupted by a strange mutation that either brings them together into giant amalgamated blobs of humanity, or it swells their organs with a strange gas, bloating them and lifting them from the ground. The Voices From The Umbra Podcast allows humanity, this humanity, to witness and learn from our sibling-species. Through the lens of four of the final people on Earth, Voices From The Umbra shows us a crystal ball of our own demise, should we not heed the warnings the Voices are giving us.

Listen and follow the Podcast on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher


Grandfather Spaulding loves you.

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