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We gather here to train our hearts and minds on a place and time kin to our own, but cursed it seems, to succumb to their own disparate and tragic end.

They call and we hear them.

They are hurt, and we accept their pain.

They are at their end, and we will carry them on in our memory.

Bear witness to the 

Voices From The Umbra.

"It is my best understanding that any civilization or species that would squander the cosmic gift of the Voices would eventually find itself eliminated by the Greater Powers of the Universe, as a group so lacking in the basic trait of empathy as to necessitate destruction."


                   --Grandfather Spaulding, speaking before a gathering of Think Tank partners.


Our Founder, Grandfather Spaulding, first became aware of the Voices on September 13th, 1971. A distant voice, from a plane of life and living beyond this one, cried out in a desperate bid for connection, before becoming eternally silent. It became quickly apparent that the world, and our connections to it, ran much deeper than anyone had ever thought before.

Grandfather Spaulding, along with a hand-selected group of partners known as the Think Tank, have not only discovered conscious beings, humans even, on another plane than this, they have also acted as dimensional archaeo-historians of a sort, collecting the stories and knowledge of a sadly dying people.

Through Grandfather Spaulding, humanity has been given a great and powerful gift, and we must use it well. This is why we do what we do. The Divine has seen to bestow upon our petty civilization the ability to take knowledge and guidance from other versions of ourselves, doomed with a fatal flaw, that we might recognize and avoid the gristly fates ourselves.

For a complete understanding of the Voices From The Umbra, including why understanding the meaning behind them might be humanity's only chance for survival, you must be willing to engage on every level. Listen to the podcast, where you will hear the actual Voices, who were first revealed to Grandfather Spaulding so long ago. Take in the art, proving the veracity of the claims we know are so hard to accept at first.  Read the musings from Grandfather Spaulding, who has heard the Voices longer than some of us have been alive. Finally, read the historical blog, where you will learn the story of our founder, Otis Hugo Spaulding, the nearest to a God there has ever been on Earth, chosen by those beyond sight and sound and name.

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