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An Introduction and a Welcome

        There's...there's...there's a sickness in the world. You don't need me to tell you that, all you have to do is walk outside, or grab a phone, or look at a television. I'm not quite sure if anyone has put a name on it quite yet, but it's something like an angry worm inside people. And nobody knows the solution! Not really. They say they do...but...they don't have anything to back up their claims.

        You'll have to forgive me as I record this, it's not the typical way that I've made speeches, or sermons as we've taken to calling them. I much prefer the company of people as opposed to the company of this application installed by Claudia, but sometimes we must all be creatures of instinct, and this seemed the right thing to do. It seems to me that most people will be absorbing this knowledge in solitude, so perhaps it's best that I record it similarly.

        You might ask why we don't simply put the recordings of my actual voice up for all to hear? Instinct, once again, I must admit, although it does seem appropriate for the voices heard to be the actual Voices themselves. Besides, I've already allowed myself my own spot of vanity, as has Claudia, and that will suffice.

        And now the difficult part. How do you speak about a place and a time and a people that are so far removed by space and time but still so close to your heart? Plainly, I suppose, and I must make something clear. I am not here to explain anything to you. The Voices have given what they have given, and that must suffice. I, as the person who can hear the Voices most clearly, can only present them to you, without interpretation, or perscription.

        What is their world if not a world destroyed by unchecked dependence on one another, to the point of loss of the individual on a globally catastrophic scale? And yet, we find our brethren, to whom we must connect, (else why have they been given to us, right?), they are supremely tortured by this great lack of society, of any one or thing to be dependent on, so much so that they fix upon something, anything to make it through.

And some of them have made it through much longer than others, believe you me, when you eventually hear of some of the things the research and development and the Under-Tank have been working on... You just wait.

        The world we are shown is a world of extremes. It is extremely broken, extremely chaotic, the consciousness still there varies between extremes of mental and physical integrity, the very timeline we have been given is an extreme snapshot, encompassing thousands of days, millions of minutes of the extreme end of what is already an extreme in the Universe-Basic: Consciousness itself. The mental act of BEING.

        This gift, the ability to hear the Voices, has been given to us, and by that I mean to humanity as a whole, by some sort of higher entity. Note that I do not say consciousness. We still do not know exactly what sort of a form this entity is, nor in what manner it thinks it's thoughts. It's exactly as likely to be a living, breathing, bearded, man on a cloud, as it is to be the very concept of nature itself, operating on a higher plane than we've ever seen before. We have our theories, and we study more and more every day because this is the passion of myself and the Think Tank, but an exact picture of the messenger isn't required to understand the message being delivered. It ties in, as does everything, but the core remains the same.

        The Voices have been revealed for a reason. If we are not alone in our physical universe, and it's looking very likely that we are not, perhaps the Voices are eventually revealed to all Consciousness that reaches a certain milestone. My best guess is that it's some time around when they begin to leave their own planet, and become the Universe's problem. It's a little test, and if we don't manage to pass the test, we're all gonna be in a pretty sorry state. Maybe that's one reason the Universe seems so empty to us. Maybe most things don't pass the test.

        As an introduction, it's strange I know. I've talked to many people in my life, and this is always a very strange world to enter. That's why we've planned it out like we have, take it the Podcast, hear the Voices for yourself, then come and research at your own leisure. Let the thoughts really sit in your head and impact the way you think, because when I tell you it might be the great consciousness shift that everybody agrees that humanity needs, but that nobody knows how to implement. It's all there. The Voices are here to guide your thoughts in the correct way.

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