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Musing The Third

        My life, as some of you who follow the Historical Blog know, has not always been happy or loving. At many points in time it has been violent, cold, and difficult to trudge through day after day. But I have always kept my head up, understanding that something greater than me was on the horizon - an inevitable trajectory that we, humanity, were destined to collide with. It appeared from the outside that we were on a path to enlightenment, collectively. Over the thousands of years that we've dealt with this mysterious force called "other people" we have learned, and we have grown. We can recognize that others have as great of an internal life  as we do. That they see themselves as the protagonist in the world, for how could they not? Empathy and compassion increase daily, and even now we attempt to shake off the last bit of snake skin that is our prejudice as we molt and grow. 

        Sometimes we make mistakes.

        Sometimes the simplest things are overlooked. Sometimes you don't realize that you're not standing on solid ground, you are, in fact, on a giant scale that has remained balanced only because as you've added good to the world, some opposite number has balanced the scale.

        Humanity is currently neutral.

        Psychostasia cannot and will not accept a neutral answer. Neutrality does not serve change, and everything in our universe serves change and entropy, it cannot help but to be so. The scale must eventually tip in one direction or another.

        These are not mere words. This is no exercise. This is a call to action, and in many ways a call to arms. As the Voices From The Umbra Organization has done it's best to be a force for good in the world, somebody else has been balancing the scale, hiding in the shadows.


        No longer. 


        We have made ourselves public in a way that has never happened before, and it seems that They, who or whomever "They" are have also broken their silence and revealed themselves. 

I don't wish to cause alarm, nor panic, but I must be honest with you. Honestly is a force for good, as is truth. 

        The truth is, I am scared now. I am scared in a way that goes beyond the fear of a beating from my Father or the loss of my Mother, or the experimentation on myself and my loved ones. 

        Persecution is a word that is used a lot in our day and age. It’s an unfortunate aspect of humanity, this need to punish the other, the lesser, the strange and different. I won’t pretend that I’ve lived my life in a persecuted manner. Certainly not on the level of a minority group or a protected class or another label that’s been attached to a group of people given the short end of the stick. Perhaps that’s why the past month hurts so much. It’s very new to me.

        I never expected this to be easy. I’ve grappled with the Voices for a majority of my life so I know what talking about them publicly is like, and this is the most public I’ve ever been. I expected laughter, I expected derision, I expected mockery, I expected ambivalence, I expected, in many ways, to fail every single day. 

        I did not expect to walk outside in the morning and see three people, maybe men, maybe women maybe neither, standing at the end of my property, dressed in running gear. I did not expect to hear a telltale secondary click when I use my phone to call someone. I did not expect the obscure scare tactics and intimidation that would greet me in the electronic world we’ve expanded into.


        But hear this.


        I will not stop. I will not falter. You will not take my life from me, my work from me, from the world, from the universe that needs it.

You can also trust me on the following points:

--The Voices From The Umbra Organization and the Think Tank proper each have their own set of security measures in place. These are for our protection and the protection of our IP, and we will not hesitate to use them should the need arise.

--The information that is produced into the podcast and the website archives is important enough to have already risked the lives of many in it’s retrieval, let alone it’s discovery. We are not an organization that frightens easily.

--The fact that there has been such an immediate and coordinated attempt to hinder our work suggests that our enemies are many, and powerful.


--If you, you know who I'm speaking to right now, if you want this to become a war, you will have your wish. 


--The Voices From The Umbra Organization has killed in defense of our calling in the past, and we will not hesitate to use the same amount of force now.

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