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Sketch by "The Animalist", in the year of the Other-Earth 2024.

This work, depicted in brutal simplicity, shows what can only be a "Blob", and is currently the only image, drawn or otherwise, that exists of the creatures that once were human. Of particular note are the milky and dark eyes, the oversized and protruding tongues, and the odd, almost coral-esque substance that seems to fuse the two together. How many of these features are accurate, and how many are artistic exaggerations is currently unknown, but surrounding evidence suggests at least some manner of artistic license taken. "Monstrification" if you will.

The work of the Think Tank is something to behold indeed.


Sketch by "The Animalist", in the year of the Other-Earth 2024.

This work appears to depict The Animalist herself in the foreground, alongside her dog "Don", with what we believe to be a simplified Blob in the rear, set against the mountains of Colorado. The sketch appears to have been burnt, remnants of which can be seen on the bottom-right corner.

It holds a special memory in the hearts of all who hear the Voices, as it was the first image ever recovered. We bear witness.


"Graffiti Near A Corpse"  created by "The Animalist", in the year of the Other-Earth 2024.

Located hauntingly close to a man that has taken his own life, "Graffiti Near A Corpse" is the latest piece of artwork that we have been able to link to The Animalist, and the first of her more experimental pieces that move beyond the sketchbook. It is as of yet unknown how much of her work is premeditated and how much is based upon the surroundings she finds herself in.  Did the presence of the corpse inspire the "skull person" seemingly desiring escape from inside the triple-pupil, or did the artistic vision require her to travel until she found a suitable site featuring both a hung corpse and a blank wall large enough to satisfy her artistic desire? Either way, a stunning example of the brutality at the end of the world mixing with humanity's need to create and express. 

The extremities of the corpse were found on a shelf nearby. It is unknown whether that was the work of The Animalist or another person traveling the remnants of the Midwest. A dramatic and gruesome statement, nonetheless. 

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