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Musing The Fifth

        To be extraordinary, you have to be willing to do extraordinary things.

        From a certain point of view we've already been forced to start in a very dramatic way. I can speak about it now since what passes for a “trial” by the Government-behind-the-government (the real Government, no elections, generational transfer of power) has come to pass and both I and the VFTU Organization have been found impossible to prosecute currently for unknown reasons.

        Recently a shadow operative, a Man in a Suit, was found lurking on the property, fairly close to an entrance to a housing chamber for some of our proprietary tech. He was armed to the teeth, and looked like he meant business. One of our members, thinking quickly, alerted me to the issue while simultaneously putting herself between the assailant and the tech chamber as a human shield for our secrets. 

        I approached this Suited Man and struck up conversation, playing the kindly elderly farmer like I do so well. I could see the gun bulges under his jacket, just itching to get free and fire and fire and fire. I was close enough that I could see the ritual scarring around his eyes, cutting across the crown of the head and then descending down the back of the neck. Tattoos could just barely be seen under the cuffs of the dingy white shirt.

        The distraction worked well enough that when he pulled his gun, Claudia was already in place with the axe, which she buried it in the side of his head. Cut his ear right in two and might've made it through the other one as well if she'd have gotten a better swing. I'm a proud Grandfather either way. 

        I didn't expect our self-defense plea to work, (you'll find they execute most who try), but we were going to give it our best shot anyway. We expected to be hauled into one of their secret courthouses (random office buildings with vague signage and only a few cars ever in the lot --- you'll see them if you look --- every city with a population of over 100,000 will have at least 1), but instead we were sent a form letter. In so many words it told us that while it is an inter-federal crime to kill an agent on duty, they would recognize that their man was out of bounds at the time (the rules of engagement not yet being established) and so therefore the case was impossible to prosecute.

        To be extraordinary, you have to do extraordinary things. They will not be satisfied with this lack of resolution, and they will be back. The VFTU Organizational Compound is executing full Reclusion and Rebuff Standards. Admissions for asylum will be considered up to a point, if contact is made soon enough. The bunkers are small, and they will fill fast. We have also issued Alert and Hostile orders to all of our field technicians and routing engineers in, as well as our power operations staff.

        If you fear you will be prosecuted for your continued faith in the Voices From The Umbra Organization or myself, Grandfather Spaulding, it's leader, please contact us soon. We will save who we can. Others may be some of the first casualties of the last and greatest war mankind is to fight. 

        Prepare yourselves, my children, my family, my friends, my world, and Bear Witness.

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