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Musing The First

        Humanity, thy time is now. A Higher Entity, sometimes referred to by me as the One Above, or on my more colloquial days, the Teacher. Humanity has set itself apart from the world, broken free of our Earthly womb, and entered a wider and deeper space, the way a creature born in a tide pool and swept to the ocean finds themselves adrift amongst giants. Humanity is finally being regarded by beings so incredibly powerful that they look at us the way we might a puppy, still too young to have it's eyes open.

        The blind puppy, in the wild I mean, not coddled in a house, must pass a series of tests immediately upon entering the world, as we all must to an extent. Some creatures must run immediately, some swim, some eat any siblings, the puppy must latch and nurse, and we, as One People, must prove that we can understand what the Voices are telling us, that we are capable of higher thought, and that we are worthy of their knowledge and their company.

        The Voices are twofold. They are both the physical voices that we can hear, those lovingly named The Green Thumb, The Animalist, The Homebody, and G.I. Jane, by the think Tank. They are the voices that speak to us, and the medium through which we must interpret the will of the other Voice. The Other Voice isn't a physical being, not as we can know them at least, or not that they have revealed to us. The Other Voice is the Higher Entity that has directed the Voices to us. It has found people crying out someplace far from our own world, people like us but not us, and it gives us their words. Those words, from a people and a world so doomed as to never, from what we can tell, recover, are our key to bringing humanity forward not a step, but a leap.

        In deciding how to present the Voices to you, there was only ever one option. Give them exactly as they were received by us. Four people, five recordings for the first, four for the rest. From what we can tell that number seems to cycle, you'll see in subsequent Episodes that the second in line will have a fifth recording, then the third will, and finally the fourth. We assume it repeats after that, but we're not entirely sure about that yet. We don't want to hold any of this information back from you.

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