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History Is Interrupted And

Must Be Viewed

Through Inference


         My Grandfather and I have encountered a slight bit of resistance in telling this part of my Grandfather's history. Many of the people, (most I would guess), left much of their previous lives in the past when they joined the Think Tank.

        The VFTU Organization encourages this to an extent. We refuse to pay any sort of income taxes and contribute to the system of slavery that our particular government has forced us to live in. Many of our members, past and present, have also had issues with the law, stemming from a petty accumulation of fines to assault. No murder, as far as we know, but our people are smart people, certainly capable with getting away with something serious like that if need be.

        Goodness knows any large institution has employed people to kill for it, whether literally or figuratively depends on the specific organization.

In the interest of not divulging too much information, the following facts should be noted.


---The people that my Grandfather met were attending a small, private, science-focused, university.---

---They assisted my Grandfather in setting up an apartment and getting a steady job.---

---As their friendship grew, they would involve my Grandfather in discussions, both theoretical and practical.---

---None of my Grandfather's new friends were religious in any way, though many had been brought up so.---



        A point that deserves to be made at this point in time:

Experimentation by, and on, Americans, has been going on since the founding of this nation.

Infecting young disabled children with gonorrhea, the horrific syphilis experiments of the mid-1900's South, injecting the elderly with cancer cells, Operation Midnight Climax, playing fast and loose with the minds of college children in Stanford, MKUltra, and the modern practice of finding the desperate or the imprisoned to test the new drugs and creams that have stopped killing the rats.

Our country loves to tinker, and we tinker with humans like anything else.


        Another point that deserves to be made at this point in time:

The Midwest has always been a good place to hide what you're doing. There's just so much of it. That's why people test things here. It makes sense. If you're a company who has a new burger that might be terrible, it's better that you make a small town in Ohio hate you than the entirety of NYC. Similarly, if you're a company that makes drugs, it's better that all the kinks get worked out on the poor in Mid-America.

It goes that way for the other kind of experiments too. The ones we aren't allowed to know about until everyone involved with them is dead and can't be held accountable for what they find out, or what they do to get to that point.


        A final point that deserves to be made at this point in time:

My Grandfather was very poor at this time. While smart, he didn't have much in the way of quality education, and though he finally had a few burgeoning friendships that would inspire him to greater heights, it was a tough start.

Sometimes people do things they might otherwise not, in order to keep themselves in food and water and shelter. Any judgment should always be tempered with pity, as well as a realization of the lack of shame preservation in the brain when faced with the threat of non-existence.


        A quote from my Grandfather to finish off this piece:

        “My brain was smashed like a piggy-bank and rewired like a project car by a Doctor in a tie who was hopped up on self-importance and whatever he considered an effective dose of his particular vice for that week. Through either sheer happenstance or perhaps a sort of divine intervention, it just so happened that my brain was brought into a new state --- a state in which I was much more receptive to the Voices, and the purpose they brought to life. It was at that moment that I began to bear witness.

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