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Gravity: A Union

        Gravity: A Union tells the story of a Daughter and her Father as they struggle to cope with the recent loss of her mother. Tensions rise when they are visited by both a CPS worker threatening to break up what remains of the family, as well as a mysterious government agent who begins to reveal a supernatural element to the proceedings and a darker story that's been hanging over them the whole time.

         This play is "rated" (take that as you will) for a mature audience, and deals with themes and subjects that some people might find offensive. Others might not, and those people would probably be more fun to talk to after seeing a show.

Gravity: A Union was performed by the Sauk Theatre in Jonesville, Michigan, as part of their 2020 Plays-In-Development Series. A recording can be found HERE.

50 pages, Runtime: 1 hour.

CLICK HERE to read a sample.

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