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Untitled drawings by G.I. Jane. Recovered in the year of the Other-Earth 2032.


For this final and somber last month of our organization, we give to you the only two pieces of art that we believe to have been created by the woman only known as G.I. Jane. It is not believed, based on what evidence we've been able to uncover, that G.I. Jane created any more art than these two pieces, which were drawn shortly after she found the infant she takes care of.


The first piece, drawn in color with rough, almost child-like strokes, seems to be a view from the north-western section of Fort Tryon Park. This is a rough estimate, but based on our best estimates of her general location changes and the fact that there are only so many bridges she could have drawn, we feel confident in our guess. Another interesting facet of this particular drawing is the fact that she seems to have set it in summer, with a bright blue sky, leaves on the trees, and a generally warm atmosphere. Recalling a memory from her past, or looking forward to a possibly warm and peaceful future? There's simply no way to tell with the information we have.


The second piece is believed to depict the infant that G.I. Jane found in the aftermath of her battle with the New People. This piece is remarkably different, completely gray, done in pencil or possibly even charcoal in places, very muted, and with particular attention put on creating expression in the child's face. At first glance, one might assume that the child is in the midst of crying, but we believe that G.I. Jane was attempting to capture the middle of a yawn, either falling asleep or just waking up, swaddled protectively. The eyes are closed, but not screwed shut in anger or pain, and the forehead remains very relaxed. This is a peaceful child. Perhaps this is the most important thing that G.I. Jane could see – the ability to sleep peacefully, knowing somebody cares about you.

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