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Frequently Asked

  • How long have the blobs/drifters been around?

To the best of our knowledge, the Blob and Drifter “condition” started appearing around roughly the 13th of September in the year of the Other-Earth 2021.

  • Is the whole world affected, or just the U.S.A.?

It is assumed that the rest of the Earth is dealing with the same horror as the United States, but there is no concrete evidence to prove that, only circumstantial. The lack of contact/colonization from other countries is a large factor in this conclusion.


  • What causes blobs/drifters?

Unknown. Possibly a virus, possibly a parasite, possibly something entirely new that we don't even have a category for. Unfortunately almost all of our information is fed to us through the perspectives of The Green Thumb, Animalist, Homebody, and G.I. Jane, and none of them know either. Our best guess at this moment is some sort of parasite introduced by a bug of some sort, but that's as far as we've gotten.

  • Is there a difference between blobs and mudmen?

Only a linguistic difference. It's assumed that different regions called the monsters different things, thus we get “Blobs” and “Mudmen”, two names for the same creature.

  • Where is the “Umbra”?

The umbra lies between the light of knowledge and the darkness of ignorance. It is where we, in the darkness, peer, to find what we may someday be. It is what they, the Voices, reach back into, offering a helping hand in what ways they can.

It also has a secondary meaning. The Other-Earth is ostensibly over, when speaking of humanity at least. Darkness has come to that world. But it's not completely dark. Voices still cry out as the shadow spreads over them. It's a statement of what life will do to prove it exists. “There will always be Voices From The Umbra”.

  • Can others join the Think Tank?

There is no rule against it, although we have not accepted a new member into the Think Tank for roughly 15 years. Not that it couldn't happen, it just hasn't happened.

  • Does all of this happen at the same time?

Assuming you're speaking about the podcast, no. From what we can tell, the Green Thumb is recording the soonest after the end, beginning roughly 9 months or so afterwards, followed by the Animalist and the Homebody, who we believe are recording about two and a half years after what happened, and finally G.I. Jane in NYC, recording a little over 10 years after it all happened. These figures aren't exact, but we're confident that they're close.

  • Is this all a joke?

No. We understand how it could seem like that, but this is very, very, real.

  • Who are the New People?

From what we can tell, the New People are a fairly warlike and vicious group that formed in the decade after the world collapsed, and travel from place to place, searching for where their permanent base should be. We believe they probably traveled a great distance to get to NYC, and came with the express intent of taking the island.

  • Why don't any of the people have names?

They've simply never said them, and none of the artifacts recovered thus far show a name. They were given these nicknames throughout the process of translating the Voices from their form in Grandfather Spaulding to actual sound waves.

  • How do you get the voices from Grandfather Spaulding into a recorded form?

A semi-invasive and very secret technology that took the better part of a lifetime to develop and perfect to the state that it's in today.

  • Are the Men In Suits real?

They exist in a form both real and imaginary, which is one thing that makes them so dangerous.

  • Where is the Other-Earth?

Not in our universe, from what we can tell. Take a mirror big enough that the universe can see itself in it's entirety. The Other-Earth is somewhere inside that mirror. That's about the best we can do.

  • Does the government know about the VFTU Organization?

Absolutely, and they don't particularly care for us. They're not outwardly hostile, but they wish we'd give it all up and just lead normal lives. We don't cause enough trouble with them or ruffle enough feathers (yet) to matter. We're not an economic or security liability, would you expect a government to care about us?

  • I want to support the VFTU Organization but I don't know how. What's the best way?

The best way is to spread the word. Tell people about us. Show them how much you care, and they'll begin to care. We don't ask for money, public pledges of support, any of that nonsense. Just good old-fashioned word of mouth, spread person to person. That's the honest way.

  • How many people does the VFTU Organization employ?

While we like to keep our employment records relatively secret, I can tell you that we employ over 50 official members, and have a rough volunteer network of about a hundred more.

  • Where are the official VFTU Headquarters?

In the Midwest. To be more specific than that would be unnecessarily risky at this moment in time. One day we hope to turn this site into a museum, so people can see everything that happened in the very place that it occurred. That's far beyond now, however. Years away. Decades, even.

  • Did you really make the skin of one of the Men In Suits into a flag?


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